Monday, March 10, 2014

Chapter 16: Facial Machines

1. The skin conditions that a Wood's lamp would pick up include:
  • thick corneum layer- white fluorescence
  • horny layer of dead skin- white spots
  • dehydrated skin- light violet
  • oily areas- yellow sometimes pink
  • pigmentation- brown
2. The purpose of a brush machine is lightly exfoliate the skin and cleanse.

3. The benefits of the vacuum device are to suction dirt and impurities from the skin, and to stimulate the dermal layer and blood circulation.

4. The two reaction of the galvanic current are:
  1. desincrustation: galvanic current is used to create an alkaline chemical reaction that emulsifies or liquefies sebum and debris
  2. iotophoresis: process of introducing ions of water-soluble products into the skin by using an electric current such as the positive and negative poles of galvanic machine.
5. The contraindications for using a galvanic machine are:
  • metal implants or a pacemaker
  • braces
  • heart conditions
  • epilepsy
  • pregnancy
  • high blood pressure, fever, or any infection
  • diminished nerve sensibility due to diseases such as diabetes
  • open or broken skin or inflamed pustular acne
  • couperose skin or rosacea
  • chronic migraine headaches
6. Anaphoresis is the process of desincrustation or forcing negative liquids into the tissues from the negative toward the positive pole; an alkaline, stimulating reaction.

7. The negative pole of the galvanic current affects the skin by:
  • causing an alkaline reaction
  • softening and relaxing tissue
  • stimulating nerve endings
  • increasing blood circulation
8. Cataphoresis is the process of forcing positive, acidic substances into deeper tissues using galvanic current from the positive toward the negative pole; tightens and calms the skin.

9. The positive pole of the galvanic current affects the skin by:
  • causing an acid reaction
  • tightening the skin
  • calming or soothing nerve endings
  • decreasing blood circulation
10. High frequency is used in the following ways:
  • It has an antiseptic effect on the skin
  • It stimulates circulation
  • It helps oxygenate the skin
  • It increases cell metabolism
  • It helps coagulate and heal any open lesion after extraction by sparking it with the mushroom electrode
  • It generates a warm feeling that has a relaxing effect on the skin
11. The benefits of the spray machine are calming and hydrating the skin.

12. The benefits of electric boots and mitts are increasing circulation, promoting overall relaxation, and helping lotion penetrate.

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