Thursday, June 13, 2013

Eyelash tint and perm

Get some fun results for those stubborn lashes that aren't dark enough and just won't curl. Tint first (top and bottom lashes), then perm. Great for woman with light colored lashes or for woman who use a dark mascara. Also great for the woman that is constantly having to curl her lashes, get a curl that will last for weeks. No mascara needed ladies!!!

Silky Smooth Pits

I love waxing and I think under-arm (arm pits ;)) are a pretty rewarding wax. I HATTTEEEE shaving my arm pits as do most woman, am I right? It's annoying and pretty darn gross, why not get rid of it for weeks with a quick wax?
Keep in mind when doing this that the top section with grow one way and the bottom grows another this means that you will most likely need to do it in opposite directions to get all hairs with two separate strips, I know it's a bummer. Also remember that if there is any left over to then use hard wax or tweezing so you aren't going over the same area where soft wax was just placed. Now go enjoy those silky smooth pits ;)

Just a little "Man-Scaping" ;)

Women are not the only ones who can enjoy services such as waxing, tinting, or pedicures. And it is also becoming more "socially acceptable". There is no need for a man to deal with unsightly hairs, greying eyebrows, or funky feet just because they are a man. All services can be catered to men so that no one need ever know you had anything done. I also think most women would agree with me in saying it's refreshing to see a well taken care of man. :)
Here are some pics of chest waxing, a way for men to enjoy weeks of not shaving so they can look great next to you on the beach without their shirt on

Get rid of those annoying back hairs with a fast wax
"Man-scape" your brows, there's no need for a uni-brow, and it can be done very slowly with some simple waxing and trimming, without any crazy dramatic changes like this next photo
 Get rid of those grey hairs in your brows to give your face a youthful little spark again with a quick simple eyebrow tint ;)
 Get rid of those annoying nose hairs with a painless, quick and fun nose wax
And finally pamper those hard workin' man feet by getting a relaxing rewarding pedicure

Shellac Nails!

I love all these colors! Can't wait to try out the new colors I just got for summer! A sparkle red and ocean blue... stay tuned ;)
To do these refer to my other post on shellac. One of these photos you will notice has glitter cascading over nail, do all steps as usual but before top coat add some glitter to bed of nail and brush over nail for desired effect then place your top coat. You may also request a different accent nail color or nail with full glitter. To do one nail or multiples with full glitter don't forget to do same steps as glitter toes (glitter after color, top coat, buff, top coat) you will want to cure just the one finger so as not to "over bake" the others. Enjoy!

Brows: Tinting and Waxing

I have loved learning how to wax and tint. It adds so much definition to the face, brightens the eyes, and makes life easier by not having to tweeze or pencil in eyebrows.

Shellac Glitter Toes

Have loved this new twist on shellac! Everyone loves glitter toes but hate what they do to their toes, it can be very damaging to the nail depending on the method at which they are placed, and sometimes need to be drilled off your toes.
When doing these follow the steps located in my other shellac blog but of course add glitter. Here's an overview and the minor changes I have made to these awesome toes.
1. Prep as usual pushing back cuticles and buffing toes, wipe with alcohol.
2. Place thin layer of base coat, cure for 30 secs
3. Place a thin color layer, if you have a shellac color that is close to the glitter color you will be using use that if not I have found that white works well with most colors because the first layer is pretty translucent, cure for 90 secs.
4. When done curing color layer place glitter over toes, brush off excess, and place top coat, cure for 120 secs
5. When done with this wipe toe off with alcohol as if you were finished, I then slightly buff toe to smooth out glitter ridges, wipe with alcohol again, and place another top coat, cure for another 120 secs.
6. You're done!!! Wipe off toe again with alcohol and enjoy your sparkly toes! These are awesome for summer and will add a beautiful za-za-zoo to your toesies! :)
Here are some pictures to enjoy! More to come.....