Thursday, June 13, 2013

Shellac Glitter Toes

Have loved this new twist on shellac! Everyone loves glitter toes but hate what they do to their toes, it can be very damaging to the nail depending on the method at which they are placed, and sometimes need to be drilled off your toes.
When doing these follow the steps located in my other shellac blog but of course add glitter. Here's an overview and the minor changes I have made to these awesome toes.
1. Prep as usual pushing back cuticles and buffing toes, wipe with alcohol.
2. Place thin layer of base coat, cure for 30 secs
3. Place a thin color layer, if you have a shellac color that is close to the glitter color you will be using use that if not I have found that white works well with most colors because the first layer is pretty translucent, cure for 90 secs.
4. When done curing color layer place glitter over toes, brush off excess, and place top coat, cure for 120 secs
5. When done with this wipe toe off with alcohol as if you were finished, I then slightly buff toe to smooth out glitter ridges, wipe with alcohol again, and place another top coat, cure for another 120 secs.
6. You're done!!! Wipe off toe again with alcohol and enjoy your sparkly toes! These are awesome for summer and will add a beautiful za-za-zoo to your toesies! :)
Here are some pictures to enjoy! More to come.....

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