Friday, May 24, 2013


I have grown to love shellac but it was hard to get there. It is definitely a difficult, touchy polish to use. I have had it bubble, shrink, overhang, and not cure correctly. If there is anything at all on nail it will bubble, if there is too much of a layer it shrinks, if there is polish touching the edges on finger it will overhang and lift, and if it isn't cured correctly it will obviously not stay and smears. But all are important to know so that you can enjoy the great benefits that shellac offers. If done correctly it will last 2+ weeks.
You will first shape the nail and push cuticles back. You then lightly buff the nail. Then you will use an esthetic wipe with alcohol on it to clean the nail. Make sure this is dry before starting application. You will then place a veryyyyy thin layer of the the base coat. Place hand in curing light and make sure thumb is flat as well so that its edge gets cured. Paint other hand. When first hand is done curing place first thin layer of color coat. Cure. Place thin second color coat layer. You will want to do as little layers as possible so it's not too thick but you still want color to be vibrant and flawless. Cure. Place thin layer of top coat. Cure. After done curing top coat you will want to buff nail with alcohol wipe again because it will feel tacky. If you wish to remove shellac simply soak fingernails in pure acetone for about 4 minutes and gently scrape off shellac, all should peel off like a sticker. Now enjoy your beautiful nails!

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