Friday, May 24, 2013

Nose Waxing

I have loved doing nose waxing! If you haven't done it you need to try. It's great not to have those embarrassing hairs, it instantly helps your breathing AND this wax surprisingly doesn't hurt at all!!! It is way less sensitive than any other waxing I have ever tried.
You use hard wax and create a ball on the end of the stick, don't use it when it is flowing fast you want it to have a very slow flow to it. When this happens you will place stick into nostril (be careful not to go too far, you just want outer hairs removed, the hairs higher still are useful for your bodies natural defenses) you will slightly twist stick as to coat hairs and get as many as possible. You may do both nostrils at once but this would not be ideal for clients who are claustrophobic or have breathing issues. You will want to hold stick in place until it is hardened (will still feel mildly tacky but you want to remove it before it becomes brittle). When it is hardened you will brace one hand on forehead while slightly pulling up with this same hand to steady nose, use other hand to quickly pull downward. The results will shock you! The stick will resemble a porcupine and you will be amazed with the amount of hairs that were actually in your nose ;) After you are done with both nostrils make sure you check inner nostril to make sure there is no residual wax or hairs that you missed. Enjoy the benefits of painless nose waxing now! :)

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