Sunday, February 17, 2013


All of these clients had their eyebrows tinted then waxed! Loved learning how to do this. Tint the eyebrows first. Then clean clients eyebrows and surrounding skin, then use your prep oil and then waxing powder (this helps prevent tearing or irritation), then place thin layer of wax. Place waxing paper over and press into hairs. Grab edge pull skin tight and remove waxing strip. Place fingers over waxed area to help avoid sting. Continue with waxing after done place after oil to remove any residual wax left over. Then clean client with mild astringent.

When measuring the space between the eyebrows you should line it up with the outside of the nose, anything extra or any spare hairs in the middle should be removed. Above eyebrows can be cleaned up as well. Arch of eyebrow should start with the outside of the iris. Trim any long hair that are out of place.

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