Thursday, June 13, 2013

Just a little "Man-Scaping" ;)

Women are not the only ones who can enjoy services such as waxing, tinting, or pedicures. And it is also becoming more "socially acceptable". There is no need for a man to deal with unsightly hairs, greying eyebrows, or funky feet just because they are a man. All services can be catered to men so that no one need ever know you had anything done. I also think most women would agree with me in saying it's refreshing to see a well taken care of man. :)
Here are some pics of chest waxing, a way for men to enjoy weeks of not shaving so they can look great next to you on the beach without their shirt on

Get rid of those annoying back hairs with a fast wax
"Man-scape" your brows, there's no need for a uni-brow, and it can be done very slowly with some simple waxing and trimming, without any crazy dramatic changes like this next photo
 Get rid of those grey hairs in your brows to give your face a youthful little spark again with a quick simple eyebrow tint ;)
 Get rid of those annoying nose hairs with a painless, quick and fun nose wax
And finally pamper those hard workin' man feet by getting a relaxing rewarding pedicure

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