Tuesday, August 27, 2013

ASCP Insurance Webinar

Since starting this apprenticeship, I have been interested in getting insurance but didn't know where to even begin.  After watching this webinar http://www.ascpskincare.com/resources/webinars.php I felt much more educated about insurance and more prepared to make a selection.

In this webinar, Jesse Cormier gives many examples of why every esthetician should look into insurance.  The stories that stood out the most to me were the stories about waxing accidents.  I plan on doing a fair amount of waxing, and from the many accident stories she told, it sounds like serious waxing accidents can happen easily and quickly.  Many of her stories and examples had to do with estheticians who were doing everything correctly and encountered a unfortunate accident.  This further persuaded me that I need to make sure I am covered for any occurrence.

This webinar was also very helpful because it outlines some of the important things to look for when looking into insurance.  One particular thing that was new and good information for me was in regards to Claims Made vs Occurrence Form.  Claims Made only covers you if you are insured by them when a claim is made.  This means that if there is a lapse in your policy, or if you aren't working and decided to not renew your policy, if is a claim is made you are not covered.  Since many claims are made much later than the actual incident, this is a big risk.  I learned that I will always look for Occurrence Form insurance.

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