Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Motivational Speaker Continued

Everything we love, touches money. Whether or not we love money, we all need money to love us.

Everyone falls predominately under ONE category when it comes to the four "Money Types".
  1. Avoider/Dreamer -Spends, Would rather not think about the numbers, just hopes it all works out
  2. Saver/Protector - Won't spend on oneself, always saving for a rainy day, over worries 
  3. Spender/Giver - Credit Card Debt, Loves to spoil themself and others, Rationalizes
  4. Martyr/Nurturer - Can't charge for ones own services but is willing to pay for others, loves bargains
Four ways to make money fall in love with us.

Understand it.
Focus on it.
Give it order.
Give it lots of attention

Understanding your money type and how it affects your business is important to success.
For example:

  • If you are an Avoider/Dreamer, Get out of your comfort zone and look at the numbers, find a support person or goal to hold you accountable.
  • If you are a Saver/Protector, give yourself a mandatory allowance or special checking account. Spending the money you make will help you from burning out and resenting your job. Take a little pay off!
  • If you are a Spender/Giver, Get a calendar and stick to it. Maintain structure in your finances. When you have it all in order, you will make more so that you can spend more.
  • If you are a Martyr/Nurturer, be strong in not giving discounts. You are worth full price.

Focus on your income not your expenses.
Every month, take a lined piece of paper and number it for the days of the month. Each time you gain money from any source, write the amount on the line for that day. $50 here, $10 there, you will subconsciously start to fill in any of the empty lines (days of no income/revenue). You can earn money everyday, by focusing on income, we will get it.

Money does not land in chaos. Money loves order. Have a plan, be your best self and you will find yourself with endless wealth.

By applying these principals and giving money the attention it deserves, we will attract what it is that we want. Changing your "Money Voice", or voice in your head when thinking about money, will help you give the right attention to your needs and desires.

My new money voice:
"I am in control of what comes in and am smart with what goes out. I work smart to meet all of the needs of my family and business and have plenty leftover to save and share with those in need."

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