Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Motivational Speaker

I loved this speaker, she was funny, energetic, and really got you thinking. She talked about what our "money type/voice" was. I couldn't really pinpoint exactly one that I was, but all of it was interesting and applied to my personal life and business spending. I am often denying myself things because I think "it should wait", or that "I will get it later". She said that these are filthy words, "will" was a no-no. And it is totally true. As business women, (and just people in general) we can't keep waiting. We need to earn the money we want, spend it the way we want, and get everything we want. She said when someone says I will, her response is when? I personally need to stop waiting and be aggressive and determined to get the things I want from life and my business. Excited to apply this awesome speakers points to my life so that 2013 can be even more awesome than it already has been!

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